This collage visually represents me by showing what I like. I added many details of what I like. Like the dog in the bush I put that dog there because when me and my dog play outside he usually goes and hides in bushes. I put the Deadpool in the water because it looks like it came up and looked surprised at what happened. Then i have a group on the toilet because I like Banda.
Then I have the spider men on the toilet because it juss makes sense I guess. I have batman on the cliff because he is watching crazy things happen. I have derrick rose dunking the basketball. I like basketball so I put that there. I have the soccer ball on ricks head because it fills his bald spot. Then I have the Jordan shoe because it looks weird.
Then I have kid Goku doing a kemehameha at the crystal because it looks like he is trying to destroy it. Then I have the red moon because I like Naruto. I have the dragon ball in the sky because it just looks normal to be there. Then I have the watcher there in the sky because he is watching everything that is happening in the universe. I have the Mexican flag because Mexican people are cool. Then the most important part is rick watching everything while on the toilet because I like rick its a cool show and it shows the kind of worlds he has been on. Then I have the glitch effect because it shouldn’t be real and is out of this world.


1/125 f/11 ISO 3200 48mm
1/100 f/11 ISO 1600 55mm pattern metering
1/100 f/11 ISO 1600 55mm Pattern metering
The camera metering I used was pattern metering. My composition seems strong but not sure. I say I edited my pictures decently I maybe could do better. What i would do better is taking the shots more angled and also make sure I have better lighting. Its up to the teacher if they think my pictures should be on the blog post. I dont think mine are good but other peoples are good.

What I learned about motion

With motion You need to get your settings right. It is very important to get your settings right. If you don’t get them right then the picture wont look good. You have to make sure the settings you use are going with the picture. If you want motion blur then you want to make the shutter fast. If you want a sharp picture then you have to make it with a fast shutter speed. That way it captures the moment. Make sure you have the angles right so you can have the picture you want. Choose all the possible spots you want. So for instance once you get to a game choose all possible angles that their are. Make sure to get in the middle of the action. It helps with what you want to shoot.
You can tale the risk by shooting at a wider shot. Another reason to zoom is to capture some expressions. Timing is everything in photography. If you don’t time the picture then you wont like how it looks. If you time a picture it looks really cool for instance if a car is racing and you shoot it at the right time you will get a cool picture. If someone is doing like dancing or something you time it right you can get cool expressions or some cool synchrony things. Make sure the picture is in focus so that it wont come out blurry.


1/4000 f/5.0 iso 800 33mm Tv
1/4000 f7.1 iso 800 38mm Tv
0.3 sec f/22 iso 400 27mm Tv
1/6 sec f/13 iso 400 18mm Tv
1/4000 f/6 33mm
0.2 f/22 27mm

Depth of field explanation

Depth of field is the zone within a photo that appears sharp and in focus. In every picture their is a point where you can focus your lens. The sharp zone will vary from photo to photo depending on different factors. Such as aperature and distance. If you adjust your camera settings and your composition, you can determine the amount of your image that turns sharp and the amount of image that turns blurry. Images that are sharp from front to back are said to have a deep depth of field. The deep depth of field are popular for landscape photography. The amount of a photo that’s sharp is a key artistic component of photography.

If your image has a shallow depth of field or a deep depth of field can make a huge difference. It implies that the picture will good bigger with good depth of field. While with shallow depth of field it can make it look smaller as well as it can make it look better. Shallow can add so much detail well if that’s what you want. If you want something big and to show everything you want good depth of field. There are three main factors to determine the depth of field. They are aperture f/stop, distance between your lens and object, and focal length of the lens. Once you put all those three factors your picture will look nice. You will make it how you want.

Depth of field

Av 1/500 f/5.6 ISO 800 55mm

Av 1/85 f/16 ISO 800 18mm
Aperature is f/5 shutter speed 1/125 50mm

Aperature f/2 shutter speed 1/250 lens 18mm


M 1/250 F/11 ISO 400 33MMLENS
M 1/100 F/11 ISO 400 33MM LENS
M F/100 F/11 ISO 400 33MM LENS
M F/20 F/36 ISO 400 49MM LENS
I like this phot because it looks very peaceful. It also has lots of color to it. What I also like about it is that it has a nice angle to it. The picture has a lot of vibrance to it. That’s why i like this picture. I also like nature so I chose this picture. The trees also look very tall. Its either they went to a park with tall trees. Maybe it could also be the angle they had shot it. You can do this make things look tall by shooting the picture a certain way. Its a great thing to do if you want things to look big. It also has a ton of exposure to it. The green in the trees really shows. It also looks sunny because of so much exposure. It also looks like he is trapped in trees which makes it look cool. It also maybe needs more stuff in the picture but I think it still looks nice. I would want to add more to the picture. That would be me if I take the picture. Overall I do like the picture has a lot of exposure. It also shows how much green it has.


Manual f/8 1/1600 ISO 400 41.MM
Manual f/22 1/160 ISO 400 44mm
This is great shadow picture. There are people walking. The light is strong enough to create a shadow. The shadows look like they are asleep on the concrete. In reality they are walking still. They also took saturation from the picture. That makes the shadows look even better. It also looks like a family is walking. It looks like its the mom and the dad. Then it is their to kids together walking. It could also be that the other 2 people are forward and it looks like little kids.