This collage visually represents me by showing what I like. I added many details of what I like. Like the dog in the bush I put that dog there because when me and my dog play outside he usually goes and hides in bushes. I put the Deadpool in the water because it looks like it came up and looked surprised at what happened. Then i have a group on the toilet because I like Banda.
Then I have the spider men on the toilet because it juss makes sense I guess. I have batman on the cliff because he is watching crazy things happen. I have derrick rose dunking the basketball. I like basketball so I put that there. I have the soccer ball on ricks head because it fills his bald spot. Then I have the Jordan shoe because it looks weird.
Then I have kid Goku doing a kemehameha at the crystal because it looks like he is trying to destroy it. Then I have the red moon because I like Naruto. I have the dragon ball in the sky because it just looks normal to be there. Then I have the watcher there in the sky because he is watching everything that is happening in the universe. I have the Mexican flag because Mexican people are cool. Then the most important part is rick watching everything while on the toilet because I like rick its a cool show and it shows the kind of worlds he has been on. Then I have the glitch effect because it shouldn’t be real and is out of this world.

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