What I learned about motion

With motion You need to get your settings right. It is very important to get your settings right. If you don’t get them right then the picture wont look good. You have to make sure the settings you use are going with the picture. If you want motion blur then you want to make the shutter fast. If you want a sharp picture then you have to make it with a fast shutter speed. That way it captures the moment. Make sure you have the angles right so you can have the picture you want. Choose all the possible spots you want. So for instance once you get to a game choose all possible angles that their are. Make sure to get in the middle of the action. It helps with what you want to shoot.
You can tale the risk by shooting at a wider shot. Another reason to zoom is to capture some expressions. Timing is everything in photography. If you don’t time the picture then you wont like how it looks. If you time a picture it looks really cool for instance if a car is racing and you shoot it at the right time you will get a cool picture. If someone is doing like dancing or something you time it right you can get cool expressions or some cool synchrony things. Make sure the picture is in focus so that it wont come out blurry.

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