Depth of field explanation

Depth of field is the zone within a photo that appears sharp and in focus. In every picture their is a point where you can focus your lens. The sharp zone will vary from photo to photo depending on different factors. Such as aperature and distance. If you adjust your camera settings and your composition, you can determine the amount of your image that turns sharp and the amount of image that turns blurry. Images that are sharp from front to back are said to have a deep depth of field. The deep depth of field are popular for landscape photography. The amount of a photo that’s sharp is a key artistic component of photography.

If your image has a shallow depth of field or a deep depth of field can make a huge difference. It implies that the picture will good bigger with good depth of field. While with shallow depth of field it can make it look smaller as well as it can make it look better. Shallow can add so much detail well if that’s what you want. If you want something big and to show everything you want good depth of field. There are three main factors to determine the depth of field. They are aperture f/stop, distance between your lens and object, and focal length of the lens. Once you put all those three factors your picture will look nice. You will make it how you want.

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